Victoria Johnson Biography

Making powerful songs encompassing hope and positivity, Victoria Johnson is a 12 year old, rising, unique new talent gifted with a monstrous voice and a wide vocal range. With her uplifting messaging coupled with her creative style and swank fashion, Victoria encourages others to be comfortable with themselves and embrace each moment.  Since the young age of 7, Victoria has been captivating audiences with her endearing personality, angelic voice and huge vocals, winning singing competitions and performing in various venues in Los Angeles, New York City and Florida.  Aspiring to always reach people with her music and acting in any forum, Victoria has also performed in regional theatre while pursuing her passion for Broadway.

“A colossal voice in a tiny body,” that is how Victoria’s mentors describe her; and as a vibrant and dynamic singer, actor, dancer and model, Johnson continues to work hard every day wielding her gifts with the most preeminent technicians and pedagogues in the industry in California and New York. 

In addition to her many local, regional and national awards and accolades, Johnson is an honor student and participates in many community service activities.  When not performing, Victoria loves to have fun and spend time with friends and family and mentor others. 

Determined to be on any stage, Victoria is a confident performer with a big heart and grand vision of inspiring others through her music.  She believes it is an amazing blessing to be able to influence and help people through lyrics and song.

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